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Online Marketing

Online Marketing

In Malaysia, there are mainly a few types of platforms for online marketing: Google, Facebook, Shopee and Lazada. Do you know the types of platforms that are able to bring in highly potential customers or new customers to your website?
New Customers: 
This type of Customers and Online Marketing usually come from platforms such as Facebook & Instagram. Customers from these platforms does not have any buying intensions yet, after seeing your advertisement. The upside of Facebook advertisement is that it can target the demographics and interests that you want. But the downside is that, you do not know if your views and visitors have any buying intensions at all, the conversion rate is low and needs a lot of time to convert these customers.
Potential Customers
This type of Online Marketing has the ability to pinpoint and locate customers that have high buying intentions. By optimizing Google Search Engine, you can find these customers and have a conversion rate of at least 80%! Basically, it is when customers want to buy something, they will subconsciously enter Google to look for it, they will not wait for your advertisements as they want to purchase their product/service right now! You also do not need to spend much time to convince these customers to make a purchase. As long as you can provide what they want, then they will definitely make an order with you!

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