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Website Design

Website Design

How do you design a website that speaks? How do you create a GREAT web design?

1. Have a Clear Web Design

A successful web design needs to know who it is being catered to! Whether if it is catered to suppliers or Malaysians or Foreigners. Do not put in everything! Having a clean, neat and direct website is always best at improving your conversion rate!

2. Google Traffic

A good web design allows its visitors to gain confidence and increase their purchasing intension. But if you have a website that is unable to let customers find it, then it is pointless to have a website. Google is not only the best tool to help your website increase traffic but the whole worlds! Therefore it is important to create a website that Google understand, in order to help better results!
A great web design has many pages and not just One Page like a landing page website. Having many pages will allow you go organize your website and help direct your visitors to the correct places. Whilst having too much information in a single page will only make it look messy and cause a much higher bounce rate!

4. Backend System

A lot of customers forget about having a backend system when they look for website service providers. People who forget about this, will always need to go through their service provider if they want to add anything, whether if its a new product or change some design elements. Your website service provider will definitely charge you for it! Don't fall for this trap! 
It is always best if you can manage parts of the website yourself! It is always also faster to manage your website as well! Our backend is easy to use and we will provide training as well. Create a website that can be constantly updated, because this will also help improve your ranking on Google as well!

5. Call to action

When your customers are interested in your products/services, they need a 'small push' to make that purchase! That is when your 'Call to Action' button comes in! Whether if it is to make a purchase or send an enqiury, we got you covered! Don't let your customers think, just let them Do!
After 13 years, we have now designed over 4000 websites for all sizes of companies (SME's and berhad), we have designed for over 18 different industries and successfully enhanced their online marketing campaigns. No matter your industry, whether if it is retailing or wholesaling, service or product, our web design and service will surely be able to satisfy your needs and requirements. We have customers covering every state in Malaysia, including: Selangor, KL, Seremban, Perak, Sabah, Sarawak and so on. Therefore, no matter where you are we can give you a 1 to 1 consultation on how to build your website!
If you are interested, please fill in your information below and our consultants will contact you as soon as possible!

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