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PWA Web Design

RM 5,082.10

PWA Website Design

Did you know? Your website can be installed on your phone like an App! The best thing, is that you don't need to waste so much money to build an App!

PWA, also known as Progressive Web App, is a new type of website technology, it can let a website transform into an outlook of an App on your phone. It will enable you to send notifications to your customers that you are doing a promotion on your website, or notifying your customers that you are now selling a new type of product! Best thing yet, is when your customers enter your website, they will be able to choose whether they want to install your website in their phone! For one price, you can now purchase and build a website + Application for your company! How worthy is that?

Other then that, Google Lighthouse has put PWA as one of the criterias for your website, therefore if your website is PWA ready, then your website will able to rank highly ahead of your competitors!

If you are interested in building a PWA website, then please do fill in your details below, we will send our sales consultants to give you a 1 to 1 consultation. Let us help you build a website, and help you go kick start your Online Marketing business!

After 13 years, we have now designed over 4000 websites for all sizes of companies (SME's and berhad), we have designed for over 18 different industries and successfully enhanced their online marketing campaigns. No matter your industry, whether if it is retailing or wholesaling, service or product, our web design and service will surely be able to satisfy your needs and requirements. We have customers covering every state in Malaysia, including: Selangor, KL, Seremban, Perak, Sabah, Sarawak and so on. Therefore, no matter where you are we can give you a 1 to 1 consultation on how to build your website!

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